The story of Christian Louboutin begins in Paris, when - at just ten years old - the future designer came across a prohibition sign posted at the Museum of African and Oceanic Art, which prohibited women from wearing stiletto heels. This episode had a huge impact on the young Christian, who – growing up with three sisters - already had a certain familiarity with the female universe. In 1991 he opened his first Parisian boutique: it was shortly after its first opening that Louboutin had that brilliant idea that would later become his greatest distinctive feature, recognizable throughout the world, the red sole. While working on a prototype, which he wasn't completely satisfied with, he noticed his assistant painting her nails red. It was at that moment that the flash of genius came: Louboutin took the nail polish and began to paint the entire sole of the model he was working on red. The result was love at first sight, so much so that since then the iconic red sole has characterized all the brand's footwear.

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