LEAM was founded in Rome in 1950, initially starting with a single window. Its first logo was a scissor: in the beginning, in fact, it was born exclusively as a shop for men’s clothing.



In the Seventies LEAM becomes a real clothing store, both for men and for women, expanding on more windows.




At the end of the decade the building undergoes a collapse and the store is renewed again, getting a makeover aligned with the glitter of the early Eighties. Moreover, during these years LEAM is the first boutique to introduce luxury brands in its store, as well as attending the first fashion shows.



During the Nineties the store’s business model is revolutionized, becoming a department store. The first office, with the first computers, is inaugurated: LEAM officially launches itself in the world of technology.




In the early 2000s “Limited” makes its debut, an ex garage that becomes the location of an exclusive brand selection. The women's boutique is renewed through a geometric and essential design, capable of reflecting the accurate luxury selection of the store. And it is precisely the rigor in the selection that has always made LEAM’s brand mix so unique, making exclusivity as the store’s main guideline.


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