Balenciaga’s Fall 2024 collection, presented in Los Angeles on December 2023 and now available at LEAM, has a close connection with the Californian city. The lineup, revealed on a palm tree-lined street with the iconic Hollywood sign behind, illustrates Demna’s interpretation of L.A.’s fashion codes, through a cinematic, character-driven lens. The show opens with a series of items inspired by everyday activities such as jogging, yoga and gym sessions, then progressing to a Hollywood evening characterized by Cristobal Balenciaga-inspired gowns.

The activewear, which includes shorts, bra tops, leggings and sweatshirts, is followed by a jersey section, which recalls the 2000s style of American celebrities. Of course, there are also oversized and layered garments, in neo-grunge style, as well as evening gowns with highly defined silhouettes and shapes.

Accessories include the new Rodeo bag, named after one of Beverly Hill’s most famous streets, and seasonal essentials such as the 24/7 tote bag and the Monaco one. Eyewear includes eolved mask and batwing shapes, whereas, for what concerns shoes, the new 10XL sneakers are introduced, with even more exaggerated proportions, in full Balenciaga style.



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