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Make the one you love happy, even if they have unpredictable tastes or yours is a last-minute gift. Create a personalized Virtual Gift Card and leave them the joy of the Leam Shopping Experience. Choose the value, write a personal message and go to checkout. We take care of the rest.

Want to send a physical gift card or prefer to keep things digital?
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Virtual Gift Cards are valid for 12 months from the purchase’s date.

The Virtual Gift Card code will only be sent to the email address entered in the form and can only be used with that email address.

The Virtual Gift Card will be sent within 2 hours of payment confirmation.

To allow the Virtual Gift Card to arrive within 2 hours of payment confirmation, the purchase must be made with an immediate payment system such as by credit card.

Virtual Gift Cards purchased by bank transfer will be sent to the recipient after receipt of payment to Leam.

For more information, see the Virtual Gift Card page.

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