Brand of girly, elegant and minimalist jewels, Aliita was born from an idea of Cynthia Vilchez Castiglioni. The name of the brand means “important object” in Wayuu, the native language of Guajiros, indigenous located in Zulia-Venezuela, where the founder was born and raised. However, Aliita is also the anagram of Italy, a land particularly dear to the designer, where the entire production of the brand takes place.

Aliita’s jewels, made by expert artisans in the heart of Milan’s Jewelry District, present a curated and innovative selection of natural stones, crafted with a particular attention to the environment: from responsible gold to deep corals fished with eco-sustainable practices, Aliita’s approach to the production reflects its profound sensibility towards social issues.

What Aliita wants to transmit is a concept of timeless beauty and effortless lifestyle, which can be found in the simple yet sophisticated design of the creations, as well as in the ability of the jewels of conveying intimate and personal meanings. Aliita is aimed at women, pushing them to follow their dreams and encouraging them to find their own place in the world: among the core values of the brand, there is, indeed, the firm belief that every goal can be achieved.



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