THE ATTICO - Women - Leam Roma
Attico, Italian for penthouse, is a word that evokes visions of voluptuous abandonment from the top floor. The Attico, with the definite article, was born from an idea of ??Gilda Ambrosio and Giorgia Tordini. The two Italian designers launched the project in 2016 starting from a common love for glamor and stardust. Eager to share their vision with anyone who thinks alike, they invite: join us upstairs. The Attico is a hedonistic point of view that feeds on two very different personalities: one extrovert, bold and exuberant, the other reserved, calm and measured. The contrasts are electrifying and The Attico thrives on this, while Gilda's talent for declared opulence meets Giorgia's sensual reserve. The unique aesthetic of The Attico derives from this juxtaposition. The Attico is a collection of collectibles: pieces with a strong character to fall in love with; riots of decorum, opulence and seduction destined to be collected over time. There is a hint of nostalgia to all of this: for bubbly times when glamor and sequins dominated the scene, and plunging pleats and necklines were a must. Gilda and Giorgia call it modern vintage. The collection is designed for strong, strong-willed and independent women. Women who play with seduction and refinement, enjoying life while having fun. Everything looks fantastic from the top floor. Unite.

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