Leam was founded in 1950 as a family business. In its 71 years it kept growing both in the physical and digital space, establishing itself as an industry leader in the capital.

Today the business is run by the second and third generation of the Leam family.


The new men's store was inaugurated on the occasion of Leam's 70th anniversary. The innovative concept store mixes beauty, heritage, innovation and sustainability.

The exhibition area of ​​over 600 square meters has a lush garden at its center. The selection curated by Leam buyers ranges from exclusive luxury brands to emerging ones.


The Club is a space dedicated to special projects, collaborations with artists, brands and creatives.

It features etched silver surfaces, marbles and concrete , fiberglass displays and mirrors, which give it a minimal Japanese-inspired allure.


An exclusive space where fashion and art meet, elevating and redefining the concept of menswear.


The boutique dedicated exclusively to women has a selling area of ​​600 square meters over three floors. The store has a minimal and international aura and offers the original selection of its buyers. The store is the main destination for luxury shopping in the capital thanks to a selection of the most exclusive maisons and avant-garde designers.