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How to spot a real Gucci bag from a bootleg Gucci

(three precious tips to make sure it's HER)


Source: Le 21ème | Adam Katz | All Rights Reserved

Two words: Gucci bags.
Beautiful, perfect, expensive.

Gucci bags own a refined and timeless contemporary beauty... To date, they are among the most desired by all lovers of fashion and luxury. Girls of all ages show off their Gucci bags every day, on the street or in the city, on holiday as well as in the office.

But... Of all those bags - how many are authentic?

Summer is that time of year when stalls, markets and the ubiquitous street vendors crowd into seaside towns and beaches, each with its variety of counterfeit brand accessories. Wherever we go on vacation this summer, in short, we will be destined to see some imitation, including many of the Florentine Maison. To a less expert eye, probably those imitations may look similar to the real Gucci seen in boutiques. For this reason, maybe someone will be carried away by the easy purchase. Besides being illegal, bootlegs Gucci or replicas are sold with the aim of misleading consumers, making them believe that these are authentic products. The online shopping world is - alas - full of fake bags.

These products will never, ever, ever have the same quality, craftsmanship and essence of an authentic Gucci product.
In any case, without opening ethical and political issues on the subject, this post aims at providing some small tips on how to spot an original Gucci bag from a bootleg Gucci.

If you are curious much, please take five minutes of your time and read each point carefully. A quick look at a bag is not always enough to determine the authenticity of the latter. Nevertheless, that same "quick look" might save us or someone from purchasing a bootleg. 

Good reading and above all, have fun!


 Source: Le 21ème | Adam Katz | All Rights Reserved


 Opt for a mono-brand boutique or an authorized multibrand retailer


We advise you to opt for a mono-brand boutique or an authorized multi-brand retailer (such as Leam) for your luxury shopping. Whether you buy online or at a physical store, shopping is a pleasure to be done safely.


The serial code inside the bag


There is a serial code, which is a unique identifier, assigned to each Gucci bag. The serial code is featured at the back of the leather tag, located inside the bag. Part of the serial code can be found - for a quick check - also on our website. Highlighted in black next to "Designer Code", you will find the first six digits that correspond to the serial code.


Details are all about love.

Gucci House is famous worldwide for its tradition of craftsmanship and leather goods. That is why details make all the difference.

"Gucci products are made from the highest quality materials, design and workmanship. The 'Made in Italy' is an integral part of the essence of Gucci. It is a cultural approach, a competence gained from generation to generation, and a real mission that has allowed Gucci to become one of the most desirable luxury fashion brands in the world." [from Gucci.com].

Here you can find the most recognizable "Gucci" details:

- Leather Tag


There is a leather tag placed inside each authentic Gucci bag, which features: Gucci logo and MADE IN ITALY lettering at frontal and the serial code on the back. All writings are hot-sealed.

- The Dust Bag


Each Gucci bag has a dust bag or a protective bag. This applies to any type of bag: handbag, shoulder bag, messenger bags, clutch bags, etc.

- The Stitching:


All the seams of a Gucci bag are the same colour as the leather that covers the logo, never lighter or darker. The same applies to the stitching of accessories, belts, shoulder straps and of every authentic Gucci product.

- The Lining


The lining is pretty much always solid, as well as with regular stitching.

- The Double G


A further detail that immediately jumps to the eye is relative the "GG". The letters must be perfectly aligned, symmetrical, arranged horizontally and not separated by any sign or dot. Should this letter of the alphabet resemble the number "6", it will be evident that it is a fake "Gucci" bag..


Source: Le 21ème | Adam Katz | All Rights Reserved

Now - that we have learned to spot those signifiers that make every Gucci bag unique, it will be easier to find the so-called bootlegs. To buy real Gucci bags, click here.